I'm Maria Ohlsson and I'm the founder of the Intuitive Massage Therapist. I work with intuitive massage therapy, coaching and rebirthing. I have over 20 years of experience in my field of work and I'm both pleased and honoured to share my work with you all.Currently I'm in Southern Sweden, in the region of Skåne, where I also have a studio practice for those who want in-person sessions.

Intuitive Massage Therapy

In my work as a massage therapist I let myself be guided by where the persons energy field tells me to go. I receive information about what is going on in that particular spot and with that I am able to help guide through a release and then find a way to heal. I work on a deep energetical level using both massage, reiki and kinesiology as my tools to create the optimum treatment for every individual.1h €70 / 700 SEK
1,5h €100 / 1000 SEK

Intuitive coaching

I help guide through the meaning of thought, behaviour & physical connection. I help explain how connections are formed in your body, in your daily actions/reactions and how you are able to release blockages through discernment of what's yours and what's not. I teach you how you can scan your own body for imbalances and how to develop a good objective listening state of mind.€150 / session
1500 SEK / session


Rebirthing or holotropic breathworks is a way to let your body decide what is needed to be released from within in that moment. It takes you deep down to your subconscious level and will help guide you through what you really need to heal. Afterwards you will feel lighter and energized as your body has, in fact, been going through a rebirth of those cells.€100 / session
1000 SEK / session